Are You Filing for Protection From Stalking Orders in Kansas?

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According to Kansas law, stalking is intentional behavior that puts the victim in reasonable fear of his or her safety. Someone who is being stalked can file a protection from stalking order to protect their security and prevent emotional distress.

Whether you are seeking protection from an individual who is stalking you, or have been accused of stalking and need defense, turn to our team at Beall & Mitchell LLC. We can represent those petitioning for a court order and individuals responding to allegations of stalking.

What Is Prohibited Under a Stalking Order?

If granted, a protection from stalking order states that the perpetrator:

  • Cannot follow, harass, call, or make contact with the victim
  • Cannot violate the victim’s privacy rights
  • Cannot enter the victim’s home or the area around it
  • Must follow any other rules the judge deems appropriate

If you need an appointment to review a protection from stalking case or a restraining order, contact us at (316) 842-4014.

Two Types of Protection from Stalking Orders in Kansas

In Kansas, there are only two kinds of protection from stalking orders. An ex parte temporary order is often the first step and can be granted by the court based on the testimony of the alleged victim alone. This temporary order lasts until the full hearing.

In responding to a protection order, the alleged stalker must show that there were not repeated acts, that the actions were not harassment, or that there was a valid reason for the activities in question.

Guiding Clients Through Court Hearings

A full hearing allows both sides to share their story with the court, and the judge will make a final determination on the order. If approved, the judge will issue a final protection from stalking order. This order lasts up to one year. The court can extend the order can under certain circumstances.

Understand your rights and responsibilities when facing a protection from stalking order. Contact us for a free consultation at (316) 842-4014 today!


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