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Arrested in Kansas? We Have 35+ Years of Experience.

If you have been charged with a crime, you have the right to remain silent. Use it. Don’t talk to the police until you have talked to a skilled Wichita criminal defense attorney. Come to Beall & Mitchell LLC. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling a wide range of criminal law matters, and we can protect your rights and interests.

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Criminal Law Matters in Kansas We Handle

Our criminal law attorneys handle a wide range of criminal defense matters in both state and federal courts, including:

It's Important to Remain Silent

Often, people want to speak to the police because they think they can clear up a misunderstanding or explain what happened. The fact is, you have no idea what the police know or do not know about what happened. By providing the police with more information, you may be building a case against yourself. Anything you say to the police will be used against you; the best thing you can do is say nothing.

Placing the Highest Value on Confidentialityman accused of a crime in Wichita

The criminal courts may require that a defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty, but the court of public opinion often convicts people based on accusations alone. We understand that criminal allegations may have a dramatic effect on your life, and we respect your desire for confidentiality. We place the highest value on confidentiality and work with you discreetly to maintain the private nature of your criminal law case.

    How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

    Whether you want to pursue a criminal defense case against an individual or defend yourself against criminal defense charges, having the right criminal defense lawyer by your side as you navigate your case is crucial.

    A criminal defense lawyer can help you:

    • Gather evidence for your case and present it in Court, increasing your chances of receiving a positive outcome;
    • Help you find witnesses who can testify on your behalf;
    • Ensure your legal rights remain protected as you work through your case;
    • Help you pursue an ideal outcome in your legal dispute;
    • Fill out and file court paperwork correctly, minimizing the chances of the Court dismissing your case;
    • Represent you in and out of the courtroom as your advocate, making the case less stressful;
    • Work with other professionals to build a comprehensive case strategy tailored to your needs, and;
    • Use knowledge of your specific county court and other lawyers to ensure you receive the best representation possible.

    At Beall & Mitchell, we'll help you protect your rights and pursue your best interests, working with you to find the best path forward in your criminal defense case.

    Contact our Wichita criminal defense lawyers at (316) 842-4014 today to schedule your free fifteen minute consultation.


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