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Don’t let a juvenile mistake jeopardize your child’s future. At Beall & Mitchell LLC, our Wichita criminal defense attorneys provide experienced juvenile crime defense for a wide range of offenses, including sex crimes, property crimes, drug crimes and violent crimes.


As with defendants in any criminal case, juvenile defendants have the right to remain silent. Encourage your child to exercise this right. Talking to the police will probably only provide the officers with more information to support a conviction.

Don't Fight These Charges Alone, Contact a Wichita Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer!

Don’t try to handle the case alone. If you try to protect your child’s interests alone, you start at a serious disadvantage. When you walk into a courtroom, everyone else is familiar with the process. Your child’s future is too important to test your own abilities. Count on one of our experienced lawyers to handle your child’s representation.

What are the Four Main Types of Juvenile Delinquency?

Howard Becker, an American sociologist, identified four common types of juvenile delinquency: Individual delinquency, group-support delinquency, organized delinquency, and situational delinquency.

  • Individual delinquency occurs when a juvenile commits a criminal act on their own for personal reasons. Individual delinquency often occurs as a result of unstable family dynamics.
  • Group-supported delinquency occurs when a juvenile commits a criminal act while accompanied and/or support by other juveniles. This type of delinquency often occurs when juveniles interact with individuals who already have a criminal history or are interested in criminal acts.
  • Organized delinquency occurs when a juvenile commits a criminal act to reap some sort of status benefit. Organized delinquency is typically less wanton than group-supported or individual delinquency and has a specific motive.
  • Situational delinquency occurs when a juvenile commits a criminal act on a whim or because of the specific situation they find themselves in. Unlike other types of delinquency, situational delinquency is less likely to be rooted in the delinquent's family life or the individuals they regularly see.

If you're the parent of a child involved in a juvenile delinquency case, understanding the different types of delinquency can help you learn what motivated your child's behavior. In turn, an attorney can help your child build a stronger case for their defense.

At Beall & Mitchell, we'll work with you to identify the best path forward in your delinquency case, protecting your child's rights in and out Court.

Juvenile Offenses Can Have Serious Long-Term Consequences

Even seemingly small offenses today can lead to serious consequences later. If a minor is caught with a minimal amount of marijuana, he or she may lose eligibility for student loans for school. Furthermore, a second drug offense in the future could lead to a felony conviction. A conviction for statutory rape may require the child to appear on the sex offender registry for years to come. A seemingly minor shoplifting or vandalism charge may restrict future job opportunities for your child.

Sometimes kids make mistakes. It’s part of growing up. As a concerned parent, it’s important to make sure that the consequences of these mistakes don’t negatively impact the rest of your child’s life.

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